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Today, I witnessed what is considered to be the longest total solar eclipse of the century. Though we only experienced a partial solar eclipse over here in Davao, I was able to watch the eclipse reach its totality in India, China and Japan via an online live stream from New Delhi Television (NDTV). Seeing the […]

Google has announced the release of Moon in Google Earth which allows intrepid desktop or laptop explorers to view images of the moon, learn about the different Apollo lunar missions landing sites, or see the panoramic shots taken by lunar astronauts. A fantastic for to learn more about the moon and in understanding our efforts […]

It has been 40 years since man first landed on the moon and to commemorate this momentous event┬áNASA has put up a┬ástreaming broadcast of the Apollo 11 audio that coincides with events from 40 years ago. The streaming broadcast started July 16, the date of the Apollo 11 launch, and will end July 24, when […]