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According to a Stanford study, multitaskers are not as efficient as they think they are. As a matter of fact, they are doing more harm than good. In the August 24th issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a research article entitled “Cognitive control in media multitaskers” has shown that people who […]

Interview with Adam Savage, co-host of the hit science television series, MythBusters. Along with co-special effects expert Jamie Hyneman, they tackle myths, movie scenes and rumors with science to test the validity of each claim. The show also features Tory Belleci, Kari Byron, and Grant Imahara, also known as the “Build Team”. In this week’s […]

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An experiment aiming to cheer up the world has begun. Professor Richard Wiseman launched an ambitious project today which requires the participation of a large number of people who are willing to spend just one minute a day to perform a happiness boosting exercise. It is hoped that the participant’s increased level of happiness will […]

Interview with Jennifer Ouellette, director of the Science and Entertainment Exchange. She is the author of two popular science books for the general public:┬áThe Physics of the Buffyverse (2007) and┬áBlack Bodies and Quantum Cats: Tales from the Annals of Physics (2006). Ouellette has also worked extensively in education and outreach efforts with nonprofit science organizations, […]

So, that’s why they’re called “shroud-eaters”: Matteo Borrini, an anthropologist from the University of Florence, said the discovery on the small island of Lazzaretto Nuovo in the Venice lagoon supported the medieval belief that vampires were behind the spread of plagues like the Black Death. “This is the first time that archaeology has succeeded in […]

Today, I witnessed what is considered to be the longest total solar eclipse of the century. Though we only experienced a partial solar eclipse over here in Davao, I was able to watch the eclipse reach its totality in India, China and Japan via an online live stream from New Delhi Television (NDTV). Seeing the […]