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Was meaning to write this since last week but things sort of piled up. I am waiting for iLounge’s mystery review of the iPod touch. The veil of secrecy adds suspense and a sense of dread. Is the iPod touch not what’s cracked up to be? We’ll soon know either by tomorrow or next week. […]

Jeremy¬†Horwitz posted on iLounge that they were not going to release their review of the iPhone. Yet. We consider timeliness of our coverage to be imporant, but we consider accuracy to be even more important. It goes without saying that haste is the enemy of certainty. Very mysterious, iLounge. Very mysterious. Horwitz finishes with: Our […]

For iTunes users out there, if you’re not aware of it yet, you can put album art with the songs that you have ripped from your CD collection. This will make your iTunes look prettier and the album art can also be uploaded to your iPod (those with the colored screens). The album art appears […]

The Unofficial Apple Weblog posting has revealed that the some Apple Stores in the US have the iPod touch on stock. Fifteen minutes later, unboxing photos appeared on Flickr. So now it’s official; the iPod touch has landed. For those who wants more information about the iPod touch, download the manual from Apple here. The […]

At Apple’s September 5 Special Event, Steve Jobs unveiled the iPod classic (aka video iPod) which sported a new look and bigger capacities at 80GB ($249) and 160GB ($349). The iPod nano was redesigned. Supposed leaked pictures of the iPod nano showed it with a bigger screen but more squat than tall. People started calling […]

… of the iPod classic and third generation iPod nano.

iPod Touch


I wanted full screen iPod. I got it. I wanted cover flow. I got it. I wanted Wi-Fi. I got that, too. 8GB for $299. The iPod touch. (No bluetooth though. Sucks.) (At least I’ll be poorer by just $300 come Christmas instead of $400.)