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Was meaning to write this since last week but things sort of piled up. I am waiting for iLounge’s mystery review of the iPod touch. The veil of secrecy adds suspense and a sense of dread. Is the iPod touch not what’s cracked up to be? We’ll soon know either by tomorrow or next week. […]

In the US, there are some who would like to see the iPhone unlocked. Hackers started their attempt at unlocking the iPhone from the moment it was released on June 29. The first news of unlocking required the use of a soldering iron. Not for the faint of heart indeed. Then two companies working separately […]

Heard through the grapevine that one cellular phone shop is selling iPhones for 70,000 pesos. Ridiculous since the 8GB iPhone now just cost $399. What’s more idiotic is that someone actually paid the seventy-thousand pesos. Rumor is that they were muslims. One is from a prominent family. Ah… That clears things up. You can buy […]

At Apple’s September 5 Special Event, Steve Jobs unveiled the iPod classic (aka video iPod) which sported a new look and bigger capacities at 80GB ($249) and 160GB ($349). The iPod nano was redesigned. Supposed leaked pictures of the iPod nano showed it with a bigger screen but more squat than tall. People started calling […]

I finally got to play with the iPhone yesterday but it wasn’t much of an experience since most of its features were not available. There was no SIM card inserted so forget about trying out the phone feature. I tapped on the iPod button but there were no audio or video files in the iPhone. […]

Apple has announced in their Hot News site that 74 days after its release, the iPhone has sold its one millionth unit. This is 21 days ahead of Steve Jobs prediction of September 30. Apple aims to sell 10 million iPhones in 2008 worldwide.