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Back in June, Voice of Young Science Network calls on the World Health Organization (WHO) to condemn the use of homeopathy: We are calling on the WHO to condemn the promotion of homeopathy for treating TB, infant diarrhoea, influenza, malaria and HIV. Homeopathy does not protect people from, or treat, these diseases. Those of us […]

An experiment aiming to cheer up the world has begun. Professor Richard Wiseman launched an ambitious project today which requires the participation of a large number of people who are willing to spend just one minute a day to perform a happiness boosting exercise. It is hoped that the participant’s increased level of happiness will […]

While watching the coverage of the funeral procession of former president Aquino, the commentators repeated over and over that they envied the people in the street… because they can say to the people they know that, “Yes, I was there.” Thinking to myself, I asked… so what if you were there? Did you really accomplish […]

An intense discussion about Francis Collins’ nomination to NIH, misquoting the founders, Irish blasphemy laws, atheist organizations and sub-groups. The Non-Prophets podcast feed. Subscribe via iTunes here.

Interview with Jennifer Ouellette, director of the Science and Entertainment Exchange. She is the author of two popular science books for the general public: The Physics of the Buffyverse (2007) and Black Bodies and Quantum Cats: Tales from the Annals of Physics (2006). Ouellette has also worked extensively in education and outreach efforts with nonprofit science organizations, […]

Studies have revealed that talking on the cellphone or text messaging while driving is very dangerous. The US Congress and the Department of Transportation during the Bush administration have tried to cover up this fact. Talking on the mobile phone is worse than being drunk while behind the wheel.