100 Things You Should Eat Before You Die


Blogger dan at Foodproof posted a list of the 100 things you should eat before you die.

I checked out the list and these are what I’ve eaten so far:

1. calamari (almost every week)
2. pho
3. PB&J sandwich (still looking for the best PB&J out there)
4. hotdog from a street cart
5. steamed pork buns (isn’t this siopao?)
6. oysters (who hasn’t eaten them?)
7. baklava
8. clam chowder (but not in a sourdough bowl)
9. cognac (but no cigar. I don’t smoke)
10. ox tail (we call it kare-kare)
11. single malt whiskey (thanks to my brother)
12. krispy kreme original glazes doughnut
13. sea urchin (not fresh from the sea though)
14. abalone
15. our own version of McDonald’s Big Mac Meal (does this count?)
16. beer above 8% ABV (that would be Oettinger Forte: 12% ABV)
17. s’mores (but the commerical kind; not the kind from campfires)
18. durian
19. frog’s legs
20. churros
21. snail
22. pocky (yan-yan actually)
23. spam
24. soft shell crab
25. catfish

I’ve only got 75 more to go but I’m whittling the list down to 99 since I am not even going near roadkill. That makes it 74 more to go.

What have you had so far?


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