Sleep is the new sex. Or is it?


Is has been my usual Sunday evening habit to visit Drew Curtis’ This and the Daily Show with Jon Stewart have been my only source of real news.

One of the links that intrigued me was a post by a woman who wrote that sex with her husband has decreased in frequency because of everything that has been going on outside the bedroom. Her husband confided with a female co-worker about the woman’s lack of energy and preference to snooze it off, the co-worker said, “Sleep is the new sex.” It would seem that the husband was ok with that and told the woman and she’s happier now.

End of story.

Not exactly.

As in some instances, the jewel behind blogs is not the actual post itself but the comments.

Please check those out. In essence, majority of the comments says the same thing: your husband will soon screw someone else if you keep on sleeping.



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