Davao’s night sky phenomenon


Last Sunday, December 16, we observed, to our delight, the Geminid meteor shower. I estimate that we saw around 15 meteors within one hour and that was when we were paying attention. It’s estimated that 60 to 120 meteors were to be seen during the peak on December 13, however, light pollution would cut the number.

Tonight, we were surprised to see unusual patterns in Davao’s night sky. The first one (7˚04’52.30″N, 125˚36’36.23″E) appeared sometime near midnight. We saw a streak of white plume the stretched across the sky going from southeast to northeast. Whatever caused the phenomenon, it was low enough to have disturbed the clouds. This was followed by another at around 1:00AM and yet another at around 2:45AM (7˚04’13.55″N, 125˚36’49.90″E). The directions were more or less parallel to the first. I tried to take pictures but the SE K800 phone wasn’t suited for the task.

Tianx was really intrigued by this. As soon as he got home, he scoured the net for information. He sent an SMS telling me that last week’s event was right after the peak of the Geminid meteor shower and tonight was the peak of the Ursid shower.

Tianx was thinking that perhaps the three meteors (at least) entered the Earth’s atmosphere and caused the unusual patterns.

I’m curious to find out whether the meteors made impact, sank into the sea or simply burned out.

Staying out until the wee hours has its rewards.


3 Responses to “Davao’s night sky phenomenon”

  1. 1 gwing

    i wish i knew about this then.. I missed it.. 😦

  2. 2 gwing

    i wish i knew this sooner.. it would’ve been a great experience..

  3. 3 Jim

    It was very interesting but too bad I missed seeing the actual fireball that created those streaks.

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