Davao Mac User blog


I’ve decided to split my blog into an Apple=centric blog and into a more general blog (read: rants). I’ve toyed with the idea for several weeks now and last Friday during a state of excitement and inspiration I started blogging right of the bat about the impending release of Leopard. So I present to you the Davao Mac User blog where I cover all things Mac. News, tips and tricks. I will also use the blog as a way to document my experience with Leopard as I plan to get my hands on it very soon. I will also cover things other than the Mac. That means iPods, iPhones and other Apple related stories.

I will keep doing Brain On Ink for general discussions and rants. For now, I’m still excited over Leopard so the first 10+ posts over at the Davao Mac User blog is all about Mac OS 10.5. I’ve mixed in install guides and the problems some are having with their upgrade to Leopard.

So, see you on the other blog.


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