TUAW’s 24 Hours of Leopard


Leopard’s is just about out of the bag and TUAW will be posting a series of first looks and recommendations every hour in the next 24 hours. I’ll be updating this post for those worthwhile mentions.

1. Time Machine

Who will use it: Anyone who hates losing files, folders, documents, or media unexpectedly. So, pretty much everyone.”

(Most are excited with Time Machine. I’m getting another external hard drive just for this one.) 2. Ruby on Rails

“Who will use it: Mostly people who develop applications for the web. But even though I personally don’t code much, if you’ve ever done any coding, once you dive into Ruby and RoR, you’ll probably have the same reaction that I do: wow this thing is neat!”

(Ruby? Eh.) 3. Hot Spots

“Who will use it: Anyone into automation, who’s waiting for a file to finish downloading, for a batch job to finish, or for a friend to come online. All of these state changes can be grabbed via the visual screen feedback they produce.” (Can’t imagine how this works. Is it like Growl? I’ll soon find out.)

4. Improved DVD Player.

“Who will use it: Anyone who likes movies is the obvious answer here, but I’m going to go a little more subtle– anyone who likes movies and working on their Mac. So, you know, Roger Ebert. And the folks at Pixar.” (Seems DVD Player had some improvements which most missed.)

5. Spaces

Who will use it: Multi-taskers and people who like to have dozens of apps open at once.

(I’ve used virtual desktops before. Resource hog. Not so sold on this one.)6. Core Animation

Who will use it: Developers will use it directly, but only who uses apps built on the Core Animation framework will benefit from it.

(More eye candy for Mac users. Watch Windows users drool.)


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