Preparing for Leopard


I am eagerly anticipating Apple’s latest OS, Mac OS 10.5 Leopard. For one thing, by mid-November my brother’s switching. He’s getting the latest iMac two weeks after Leopard hits the shelves. Apple pr0n again. Another reason is I’m selling my Powerbook to my friend and I’m excited to install Leopard on the Powerbook. So I got two switchers come November. Five if you count my brother’s wife, daughter and son. I’m still not sure whether to get a Macbook to replace my Powerbook or not. It all depends on how things go in the next three weeks.

I’m planning to upgrade to Leopard and I need to know what are the necessary steps that should be taken to ensure a smooth, headache-free upgrade. So it’s perfect timing that Macworld publishes an article that is an excerpt from Joe Kissell’s book, Take Control of Upgrading to Leopard: Early-Bird Edition. Here’s a summary of the tips. I encourage you to go to Macworld and read the full article.

  • Update third-party apps. Don’t focus on the apps in the in Applications folder but those that are installed in System Preferences, Dashboard widgets, and system enhancements.
  • Spring clean your hard drive. Over time, our hard drives tend to accumulate stuff and junk that we don’t need anymore. Kissell gives you a list of the places that you look into and find some stuff to trash.
  • Use uninstaller utilities. Though uninstalling applications on a Mac is said to be as simple as clicking and dragging the application into the Trash, sometimes files can be left behind. That’s where Uninstallers come in. The website lists a couple of the popular ones but there’s a fee involved. AppDelete does the same thing for the price of free.
  • Run Apple Hardware Test and Disk Utility. These are routine check ups prior to upgrading. You need to know if there are any hardware problems that might screw up the upgrade process. Disk Utility checks for common errors in the OS and repairs them.

That’s about it. Again, this is just an excerpt of a book so there are probably more things to prepare in order to get ready for Leopard. I’ll try to dig up for more. 7 days more to go so the pressure’s on.


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