Plagiarism in the local dailies.


Winding down after another hectic week at work, my friend (of whose name is not Camille) was perusing the dailies. She suddenly called my attention and pointed at a write up found in the entertainment section.

“Huh?”, I said.

“I’ve read this article before. Two days ago,” she replied.

That piqued my interest.

“Let me check. Read me the first sentence verbatim.”

She dictated the first sentence and by the power of Google I came up with several hits. It would seem that this local daily just copied and pasted an article off the net and claimed it as their own. The original article was written by Sandy Cohen of the Associated Press. I am willing to admit ignorance here but as far as I know, if you are going to reprint a story from AP, Reuters or any other news outfit you are to at least indicated it in the story. In this case, however, this local daily didn’t even bother. I don’t know how many of their articles are lifted off the net. This clearly is plagiarism. I also don’t know how many other local does this.

Most people probably won’t even bat an eye regarding this issue. That is, until your article, write-up, or blog gets copy-pasted and is claimed by others as theirs.


3 Responses to “Plagiarism in the local dailies.”

  1. 1 Blogie

    Oh boy… This is serious! I hope whichever local daily is guilty of this will shape up pronto. With information becoming more and more readily searchable online, everybody should be more conscious of plagiarism, and its consequences.

    I’m glad you blogged about this, Jim. Thanks for bringing this out in the open.

  2. 2 bananas

    question that needs answer must be–did the daily claimed ownership over the story or just missed acknowleging the agency from which the story came from?

    and yeah, plagiarism is a major, major offense. i know one local journalist who used to be writing for a major daily who got the axe after copying a story of another national daily reporter who apparently claimed exclusivity over the information.

  3. 3 Jim


    I’m at fault here since I didn’t give anymore instances where the daily might have plagiarized more stories than the one I cited. I will make a follow up post regarding this matter. I’m going to check the daily’s yesterday’s or today’s issue.

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