Study for free at UC Berkley


Good news: You can now sit down and listen in to lectures conducted by UC Berkley’s professors.

Bad news: No one is going to spend on you to send you to Berkley.

Another good news: You still can learn from well-respected Berkley professors in the comfort of your own home as long as you have a computer and a fast internet connection.

The How to Split an Atom blog writes that UC Berkley will start offering free online lectures and they post them on Youtube. See? Youtube really is good for something other than watching a dog on a skateboard.

UC Berkley is by no means the first to offer free online classes. MIT, Vanderbilt, UCLA and Caltech already have taped lectures you can listen to. Berkley, however, is the first to post their lectures on Youtube.

UC Berkley’s channel lists videos of classes about physics, biology, chemistry, and technology. To date, Berkley have posted are 201 videos of their lectures.

You’re not going to get a diploma when you’re done attending these virtual classes but you will learn a lot from these distinguished lecturers.

So what are you waiting for? Pull up a chair, head on to Youtube, and start learning.


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