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I’ve decided to split my blog into an Apple=centric blog and into a more general blog (read: rants). I’ve toyed with the idea for several weeks now and last Friday during a state of excitement and inspiration I started blogging right of the bat about the impending release of Leopard. So I present to you […]

Listening to Fr. Albert Alejo’s Socio-Cultural Mindset of the Mindanaoan. A couple of snapshots of Fr. Alejo and the audience.

Leopard reviews


Here are some reviews of Leopard from prominent tech pundits and tech sites. David Pogue of the New York Times: “Apple Offers New Goodies in Leopard System“. He extols on Time Machine, Quick Look, and some of the other new features. Downside to Leopard is the see-through menus. If the menu overlays a document, things […]

MacDailyNews has a link to one of the most comprehensive guide to installing Leopard. MacFixIt’s guide enumerates the steps you should before, during and after the upgrade process. First on the list is backup. I used not to think about backing up before but I cannot stress it enough on how important backing up is. […]

Can’t wait to see what Leopard looks like even though it’s only a few hours away from its release? Then head on over to AppleInsider for a visual treat. They’ve posted a slew of screenshots of Leopard. Five pages of kitty eye candy. A sample:Check out the detail.

Leopard’s is just about out of the bag and TUAW will be posting a series of first looks and recommendations every hour in the next 24 hours. I’ll be updating this post for those worthwhile mentions. 1. Time Machine Who will use it: Anyone who hates losing files, folders, documents, or media unexpectedly. So, pretty […]