How much does Windows Vista suck?


Microsoft proudly proclaimed that Vista will rock the world and XP will be made extinct by Januaay 2008. Microsoft was bragging that once Vista was out, everyone will be in a frenzy to grab a copy in order to experience the latest and greatest from Microsoft.

Evidently, that wasn’t the case. Quite the opposite. There wasn’t the rush Microsoft was hoping. Customers saw the Vista sucked and it even drove one computer hardware company to bring Windows XP back into their offerings.

Now, the much publicized death of XP was greatly exaggerated. Microsoft was supposed to axe the older OS four months from now. Instead, they backtracked and gave Windows XP an additional 5 more months. Microsoft said they were “a little ambitious” to drop the XP on January. That’s another way of saying people aren’t happy with Vista. From MacNN:

The software developer (Microsoft) has encountered an unprecedented level of resistance to its Windows upgrade since its release early this year, with large-scale computer builders such as Dell restoring an XP option either due to a lack of stable hardware drivers or customer complaints relating to software compatibility and performance.

Ouch. Can’t wait to see what Leopard can do to that already suffering Vista when Apple’s latest OS is relesed next month.


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