Macs do better windows


Steven Frank writes in his blog the trials and tribulations of installing Windows on a Sony Viao. Annoyances noted include having no restore discs, dealing with a load of trial crapware (Norton, Trend Micro, Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, etc.), failed authentication using the license key that came with the Viao (WTF?), and having to push the camel through the eye of the needle just to install drivers (which by the way, only 80% of the devices worked according to Frank). In the end, after installing he had to install again and then went on an uninstalling rampage on Remove Programs. With all the hurt involved, why did he put himself through this?

I use Windows because it is a popular gaming API. I’ve maintained a succession of PCs over the years just to play a handful of games that never got ported to the Mac.

The irony?

I’m amazed again by how much better the experience is (installing Windows on a Mac using Boot Camp) than using a Windows box built by an actual Windows box vendor.

You just install Windows from a retail disc, install the Boot Camp drivers from a second disc, let Windows Update reboot about 20 times, and you’re set. The resulting system is really fast and all the hardware works.

The verdict? Windows installs much better on a Mac.


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