iPhone more usable than the N95 and HTC Touch

Computerworld has released the result of their usability test that pitted the iPhone against the HTC Touch and the Nokia N95. The verdict: the iPhone trumps the other two phones.
The test employed ten people who have never used any of the three phones before. The aim of the test was to see which phone was the most usable out of the box. Each phone was rated from 1 to 5 with five being the highest. Tasks include:

  • how long was needed to find and use the on/off switch
  • setting the phone to vibrate
  • making a call
  • saving a phone number to the contact list
  • sending a brief e-mail, taking a photo
  • finding a Web site using the device’s built-in browser
Categories were global navigation, usability/information architecture, ergonomics, look and feel, and functionality. Apple topped all but one category: functionality. The N95 had the most features but was the worst in global navigation, usability, and ergonomics.

Each phone was also given an overall score. The iPhone scored 4.6 out of 5, the N95 was second at 3.4, and the HTC Touch had 3.2. Testers were faster in doing specific tasks on the iPhone than on the other two devices.

[It was] noted that some of the functionality the iPhone did have was extremely well implemented. That was particularly true with the ability to use the Safari browser to see a whole Web page on-screen, then to zoom in on what you specifically wanted to see.

“People were faster and more successful in getting to a Web page with iPhone.”


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