Financial reasons to use Mac OS X


Jacqueline Emigh of CIO writes eight financial reasons why Mac OS X is more cost effective as compared to that other operating system. Some of the reasons are:

  • Macs bring a better overall value proposition.

    If you consider a Mac and a low-end [Windows] PC, the Mac will carry a higher price tag. But let’s not compare a Lexus with a Hyundai.

  • Macintosh licensing fees are cheaper.

    With one Xserve license, you can support unlimited numbers of users. In contrast, Microsoft’s client access licenses (CALs) for Windows servers impose extra costs based on number of clients. As a result, customers can save money by deploying Mac servers to support both Mac and Windows.

  • The Mac desktop spawns fewer calls to the help desk

    Even little children are able to use Macs. A kid can open up ‘Johnny’s folder,’ and there are Johnny’s little docs and applications.

  • Mac users are more productive workers

    Whether in publishing/graphics/new media or in other fields, Mac desktop users also tend to be more productive at work, a finding that’s long shown up in TCO and ROI analyses.

  • Macs last longer

    Users also concur about the Mac’s relative longevity. Hall, for example, is still using the same Mac G4 system he purchased six years ago, although he’s since bought two more Macs for use in his real estate practice.

    “Before that, I was fortunate if I could get 12 or 13 months out of a Windows PC. It usually got corrupted long before that.”


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