What not to say to a woman and a funny thing on Men’s Health


I occasionally visit Men’s Health every now and then, looking for tips on, well, health. I stumbled upon an article written by Sarah Miller entitled “5 Things You Should Never Say to a Woman“. Miller advises not to say these five things:

  1. “Relax.”
  2. “I love you.” during a fight
  3. “It’s up to you.” or “Whatever you do is fine with me.”
  4. “You knew I was this way when you married me.”
  5. (Nothing)
Just like in College Humor when one picture is not enough, I was tempted clicked on some more links found at the bottom of the page. “Secrets Every Woman Keeps From Her Man” was interesting. What about “How to Talk to Her“? Hmm… Smart phrases to say include: “I understand you feelings”, “Thanks”, and “I’m sorry. I’m an idiot sometimes”. What struck me as funny and interesting was the last line under Dumb-Ass Comments to Avoid. I’ll leave it up to you guys to find out. That’s what they’re thinking over there? Aside from that interesting bit, question for the ladies out there: do these tips actually hold any water? Does the website hold the secret to keeping you ladies happy?


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