Mac ‘virus’ found.


Finally! This is all what the Windows fan boys have been waiting for. There is now a virus that affects the Mac. The Mac no longer is invulnerable. This is the end of the Mac.

Not exactly.

In the first place, Mac users are not asserting that the Mac is not vulnerable to viruses and other malicious programs. It’s that to date, the Mac OS X, from 10.0 to 10.4.10, does not have a virus that is in the wild. Meaning, there’s no virus that we Mac users can receive via email, IM or via a storage device that will take over our machine and make it feel like it’s a Windows machine.

Secondly, the virus found is not the kind that the Windows world is so used to having. For Windows users, having a virus in the system is like breathing air. You need to have one or else you’re not worthy to use the computer. Just like my brother said, “It’s not the real world,” when I told him why doesn’t he give his wife and kids a Mac to use. The real world is the world of anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-trojans, which slows your system down and sometimes grinds it to a halt.

Unfortunately for you Windows fan boys (that doesn’t even sound right) the virus is a “mechanical virus”. The tale of the mechanical virus is told by Always Beta.

I found the story at 43 Folders.

43 Folders: because it’s all about Getting Things Done.


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