Getting album art for your iTunes


For iTunes users out there, if you’re not aware of it yet, you can put album art with the songs that you have ripped from your CD collection. This will make your iTunes look prettier and the album art can also be uploaded to your iPod (those with the colored screens).

The album art appears in the artwork window, as well as in the album view and cover flow view. is an excellent source for album art but sometimes the pictures are small or the resolution is not that good. I’m not so sure but I think it was iTunes 7 that allowed users to download album art for their albums from the iTunes Store. There were hacks that allowed you to grab these album arts via a website and then store a copy of the picture into your computer. Updates to the iTunes software would disable these hacks though. Still, people will always find a way around the restrictions Apple has placed.

Josh’s iTunes Album Art Grabber allows you to grab album art that’s 1425 x 1425 pixels! In grabbing an album art, you have to put both the name of the artist or band and the album. Try not to omit any words even if it’s just “A”, “The”, “In”, etc. This might screw up the search.


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  1. 1 Batang Yagit

    i’m using FoxyTunes. It’s a plugin for FireFox. It displays the song info of the song playing on iTunes (or any music player) on a small window above the status bar. It automatically seeks the song album art, song info, album info from Just click on the album art and it will lead you to the amazon site. it reduces the hassle of searching the album from i hope this one helps

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