Get to the point.


A friend of mine sent me a link that is supposed to hold the secret of increasing your website’s traffic by using Twitter.

Short attention span. ADHD. Impatient. Call it whatever you wish but simply didn’t have the time to read through probably 100 lines of rant. So I asked my friend is she could tell me what the secret was. She said:

When you finish a post, just post a teaser tweet. Then the link to your blog. You can use tinyurl to make it discreet.

The entire thing could be condensed into just three sentences? The heck?!?

I understand there sometimes it’s good to explain some things before you go into the meat of the matter. This time, however, it was too much. The whole thing looked like one of those spam email you get about a increasing your sexual potency or something like that.

I hope I’m not this as long-winded as this one in my posts. I’m sincerely trying to learn how to say as many as possible in fewer words.

Oh, by the way, add me on Twitter. It’s Boink.


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