Back at it again. Apple News Bits: iPhone sales,


Apple Stores sells as many iPhones in a day as what AT&T stores sell in a week. [Apple Stores provides better customer experience.]

On July, Apple’s iPhone outsold all other smartphones in the US in its first month of sale, says iSuppli. It accounted for 1.8% of the total number of mobile phones sold between June and July. [Probably what is expected from a new product.]

In China, some are willing to pay $1,200 for an iPhone. That’s twice the cost of an iPhone in the US. [Rumored to cost 47,000 pesos once it hits in Davao. My thoughts on that here.]

Some people are really obsessed on having radio on the iPod.

Tomorrow, dreams may come true.

Microsoft may build iPhone rival. Dude, where’s your Zune?

He said, she said. Apple says NBC wants more money. F*** you, NBC says Apple, then says no more new season for NBC. NBC says nuh-uh. We want fair prices for our customers. Sells their stuff on Amazon and Hulu. Then says their shows stays in iTunes. Can’t we all get along?

Three more Apple Stores opening this week after Glasgow had theirs open last week. Where’s our Apple Store? [More Apple Store Glasgow coverage and pics here and here.]

Palm cancels the Foleo. Palm has been dead to me for years. They simply stopped innovating.


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