Apple’s Special Event.


Hours from now (September 5, 10AM PDT) Apple will hold a special event in the Moscone center. The event was announced by an invite that showed the Cover Flow interface that can be seen in the iTunes application and on the iPhone. The invite had the words “And the beat goes on.” The phrase is said to be borrowed from the final press release the Beatles made when they broke up as a band, leading to speculations that the announcement will include the Beatles being offered in the iTunes store. Frankly, I don’t understand what the hubbub is all about involving Apples and the Beatles. At least I know Scott McNulty of TUAW doesn’t give a damn.

The tagline perhaps might allude that the musical side of Apple, Inc., i.e. the iPod, has not been forgotten. Some were concerned that the iPod might have been overshadowed by the iPhone, the new Macs and Leopard (or the delay thereof). I’m quite sure the seven hours from now, new iPods will be released and most probably the long awaited full screen iPod with the touch screen interface.

What I’m waiting for would be the 3.5-inch screen with multitouch. It would be a hoot to navigate through my list of songs, podcasts, and videos just like that on my iTunes app. Flick. Flick. Flick. It would also be nice to watch movies and videos on a large gorgeous screen but I won’t be doing this often since I’m not much of a video or movie person.

Another thing I’d want this iPod to have is Wi-Fi and bluetooth. The fullscreen would mean that this iPod would be taken from the pages of the iPhone, it would therefore mean that it’s going to have Mac OS under the hood. I would really like to have my iPod and internet navigator in my pocket. In the Davao, that would mean being able to check your email, browse the net, do Twitter and Facebook almost anywhere since free Wi-Fi is ubiquitous here. Bluetooth will free me from the tangle of the earphone wire.

Safari and Wi-Fi on the 6G iPod would also open the possibility of being able to access the iTunes Store and buy music from there using the 6G iPod. The would open up a whole new economy for Apple. If this becomes possible for the 6G iPod then it would also be possible for the iPhone. Ringtone downloads anyone?

So I would like to see the multitouch fullscreen and Wi-Fi plus bluetooth and 8GB, all for under $400.

What might keep me from buying the 6G though is the touch screen interface. That would seriously change the way I use the iPod. Right now, my iPod nano goes everywhere with me when I leave the house. I listen to podcasts every chance I get [I have a backlog of 600 plus podcasts]. The iPod nano’s click wheel allows me to control the nano even if it’s in my pants pocket. I can play, pause, rewind, and fast forward through the fabric. Even adjusting the volume works.

The problem with the touch screen interface is the lack of tactile feedback and the fact that you can’t control the iPod without having to remove it from your pocket. It’s a hassle and can become annoying. The remedy would be for Apple to provide a wired remote for the 6G iPod, very much like the iPod remote they are selling. Something smaller and cheaper though.

So if this 6G iPod is announced 6 hours from now am I going to get it. Maybe. If it’s compelling enough. The one that would push me would be if it will include a Wi-Fi, Safari and a bundled remote. Only then will I be $400 poorer.


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