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Apple’s iPhone got media mileage months before its release and less than two months later, the iPhone is still going strong. Even before being released the to public, Apple-bashers decided that the iPhone was a crap product and was sure to fail. But about two months after its release, the iPhone is still going strong. […]

Hacked: iPhone.


Just less than 8 weeks after it was introduced, hackers have now managed to do a software unlock of the iPhone. (As much as I don’t want to put a link to Engadget, they seem to have the exclusive on this one.) A few days before this came out, a hardware unlock was already available. […]

Last week in a media event, Apple released the new aluminum iMacs, iWork 08 and iLife 08. Apple fans have been waiting for the new iteration of the productivity and multimedia suite from Apple. The latest version of iWork 08 has Pages sporting a word processor and a page layout feature and Keynote with new […]

…The unexpected advantage I gained is that using my computer is more enjoyable. My concentration isn’t broken periodically by problems, updates, security pop-ups and the like. I’m not thinking that I’m using a Mac. I’m thinking about what I’m using the computer to do — what I’m reading, writing, figuring, buying, watching and so on. […]

Are you a Nokia mobile phone user? Better go check and see if your battery’s one of those being recalled because of the danger of overheating. The list of models that might be affected: Nokia 1100, Nokia 1100c, Nokia 1101, Nokia 1108, Nokia 1110, Nokia 1112, Nokia 1255, Nokia 1315, Nokia 1600, Nokia 2112, Nokia […]

Ninjawords‘s tagline is “A really fast dictionary… fast like a ninja.” Unlike other online dictionaries where you have to wait for all the various elements to load (hey, I’m living where affordable DSL has speeds up to 512 kbps only) Ninjawords loads really fast. That’s because Ninjawords doesn’t have the extra baggage, extra text, and […]

The one word.


Christian Te from The Tianx Project frequently do IM and our conversations range from the mundane to the eccentric. But eccentric is the norm. (Hey, according to Facebook’s Likeness application “Great minds think alike.”) We share links to site or pictures that is sure to draw a laugh, a guffaw, or a “Hmm…” One image […]