Quick and dirty review.


Was down.

In the pits.



Thankfully my hommes obliged me for a night of gluttony.

Chattee mentioned an eat all you can greaseless chicken for 95 pesos and I was in the right mood to indulge myself. Where was this? It was at Damosa and the place? Q.


Out of the house from wallowing in self-pity and misery and quickly went to S. Ah. Another of those blackholes. Later on that. Grabbed C and SMS’d J. Drove to Q like a bat out of hell. Q turned out to be Quantum.

Got there. No Jude. Where’s the buffet?

Well, it wasn’t really much of a buffet. Served a quarter of a chicken and given another as soon as the previous one was all but bones.

Tasty. Hot. Somewhat greaseless. Started out with a spoon and a fork but soon relented and chose my fingers as my weapons of choice. In the middle of my second quartered chicken, Jude arrived.

All in all, we Three were satisfied. Jude ate a whole chicken while I had 3 and a half and Chattee had 2 and a half.

The dinner went swimmingly with 14 bottles of San Mig Light and DNA.


DNA was the acoustic duo who played tonight. “D” and Ariel (I forget what “D” means). Maroon 5, Matchbox20, Jason Mraz, etc. It was a good night to be out to flush away some of those dark things that made me ill today. Daisy came by later after the chicken have been gobbled up. Still it was nice to see her join the group albeit a little late.

The moon was also out tonight. Few strands of fluffy clouds didn’t spoil the fact it was such a nice night tonight.

Unlimited greaseless chicken for 95 pesos, 5+2 beer for 200, DNA, and friends. Great way to spend an evening.

Thanks, guy and gals.

Let’s not look at another chicken for a few weeks, ok? ‘Cept for Daisy.

By the way, the unlimited chicken is only available from 8 to 10 nightly. Not sure about anything before. I’m sure there is.


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