Reasons why you should dump Windows and switch to Mac OS X.


&tScot Finnie did a price comparison of the Mac vs the PC based on hardware and the result: Macs are a better value.

He followed the Mac vs PC cost analysis by comparing the value of the software. In the article, he doesn’t do a head-to-head comparison of Mac software against PC software. Rather, he lists a couple of points that the reader should consider when thinking about the cost of software on a Mac:

  • Don’t buy the myth that there are no software for the Mac. Mac software are a plenty.
  • You can run Windows (and Linux) on a Mac by using Parallels Desktop for Mac. If there is an application that you can’t find a good alternative in the Mac, install Parallels Desktop, install Windows into it and run your favorite Windows app from there. Walt Mossberg even said that the new iMacs can become “blazing fast Vista computer.”
  • Forget all those application that starts with “Anti-“. You don’t need those. You don’t need anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-malware, etc. that potentially will bog your system down and clean out your wallet. 
  • Suffering is not good. You don’t have to wrestle with the operating system to feel that you are being productive. You’re just being a masochist. Better reserve the leathers and handcuffs for the bedroom. There shouldn’t be any room for pain when you’re in front of your computer. 

The final and most important thing about the Mac is the experience: Finnie sums it up:

The unexpected advantage I gained is that using my computer is more enjoyable. My concentration isn’t broken periodically by problems, updates, security pop-ups and the like. I’m not thinking that I’m using a Mac. I’m thinking about what I’m using the computer to do — what I’m reading, writing, figuring, buying, watching and so on. The Mac becomes just so much chrome wrapping the data I’m interacting with.


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