10 Reasons Why You Should Buy an iPhone


Apple’s iPhone got media mileage months before its release and less than two months later, the iPhone is still going strong. Even before being released the to public, Apple-bashers decided that the iPhone was a crap product and was sure to fail. But about two months after its release, the iPhone is still going strong. The iPhone mania has reached overseas to Europe and Asia, and from a recent poll, Europeans are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the phone that might change the industry.

Here at Asia, we have to wait until 2008 to get our hands on the iPhone. Waiting is not one of my strong suits. I get crabby and irritable when I’m asked to wait for something. But I’m also an optimist. Sometimes. I’m looking as this delay as a half-glass-full kind of thing. The 2008 Asia release actually means that folks from the US of A are doing us a great favor by beta testing the iPhone. There is also a chance that once it gets here it will be version 2. Sweet.

If you don’t know what the iPhone is and you are a regular web user, you must have been accessing the Internet under a rock. Just google iPhone and you can get a lot of hits. You can also go to Mahalo to get better, friendlier search results.

For those who are itching to get an iPhone, why don’t we fuel your fire even more.

A day before the iPhone was to be launched, Jim Lynch of Extereme Tech wrote Ten Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy an iPhone. This piece bashes the iPhone as being too expensive and locked down. He calls Safari as crap. He bashes EDGE. Lynch was discouraging his readers from getting an iPhone. Why? because he wants to make sure that he’s first in line at the Apple Store. It was a ruse. He wanted the iPhone and he wanted it bad.

About six weeks later, Lynch writes Ten Reasons Why You Should Buy an iPhone, but before he gets to the list he first tells a rather amusing account on how he managed to get hold on an iPhone. I’m listing the bottom five of the list here. For the rest, I suggest that you head on to Ten Reasons Why You Should Buy an iPhone. The bottom five of the list is:

10. Navigation
9. Picture and iPhoto
8. Safari
7. Multi-Touch
6. Power

As for me, am I going to get an iPhone? Not really sure. It’s a neat product and all but it does cost $599 (around 35,000 pesos) for the 8GB model. That’s a lot of moolah. But if version 2 comes out with a 16GB at that price point, I might just decide to sell one of my kidneys. If I do just that, I might just have enough to buy a Macbook Pro or a Macbook and a 24-inch iMac.


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