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Was down. In the pits. Empty. Blackhole-ville. Thankfully my hommes obliged me for a night of gluttony. Chattee mentioned an eat all you can greaseless chicken for 95 pesos and I was in the right mood to indulge myself. Where was this? It was at Damosa and the place? Q. 7:00PM. Out of the house […]



My world’s right again. Thanks for Chattee, Daisy and Jude. That’s after unlimited greaseless chicken and 2 buckets of brewski. Thanks, y’all.

Who, indeed?

Apple myths


The Mac Observer forums has a topic on “Stupid Apple Urban Legends” which enumerates a few of the popular myths and misconceptions bawled out by people using the other operating systems. These include: Microsoft bailed Apple out of bankruptcy in 1997. The iPod was designed and patents owned by HP. There are no softwares for […]

&tScot Finnie did a price comparison of the Mac vs the PC based on hardware and the result: Macs are a better value. He followed the Mac vs PC cost analysis by comparing the value of the software. In the article, he doesn’t do a head-to-head comparison of Mac software against PC software. Rather, he […]

According to Noah Gift the Zen of Mac goes: Don’t think. It just works… You are more productive on solving your other problems when you don’t think about your computer, it just works. Some Linux are too anal. They want to be able to tinker right down to the core of an operating system. They […]

The Mac platform have a plethora of quality, useful software that are either freeware or shareware. For those who are interested in open source, the Mac also has its share of those. Macforge is a source to find open source projects that work or are likely to work with the Mac. Categories include applications for […]