If you want a computer that supports OS X, Windows and Linux, the Mac is your only choice, says Rob Griffiths of MacWorld. In his Editor’s Notes post entitled “What computer should I buy?” Griffiths intros a fictional conversation between Jane and Joe. Joe is interested in getting a computer and asks Jane for advice. Jane replies, “Buy a Mac.” Joe objects that he doesn’t even like the OS X operating system. Doesn’t matter. A Mac can run either Windows or Linux. 

After the fictional conversation, Griffiths then goes on to list down why the you should choose to buy a Mac.
  • Buying a Windows machine bombards you with so many options. They say choice is good. I agree. But it some cases a plethora of choices only serves to confuse people. Does the average consumer need to worry about memory, hard drive space, video card, etcetera? When choosing a Mac, you only have 3 desktop models and 2 portable models to choose from. Windows machines may be seem cheap but the specs and the performance that you spend on may lead you wanting. What comes with the Mac is sure to serve the needs of the user. Another reason why a Mac is a good choice is…
  • Industrial design. Apple has taken simplicity and made it into an art form. Each Mac has that clean, sleek, minimalist look and feel. The operating system makes it a joy to use. The design makes it a joy to look at.
  • The myth of an Apple machine costing more is just that: a myth. If you configure a Windows machine to that of the same specifications with that of a Mac, the Mac turns out to be really price competitive. USB ports, Wi-Fi, bluetooth, Ethernet port; they all come standard to all Mac portables and to all the desktop except for entry level Mac mini.
  • Switchers to the Mac operating system do not need to go cold turkey. If letting go is hard (though I can’t imagine why you need to hang on), the Mac can run Windows and Linux if you so desired. Options such as running Windows in a virtual environment under Parallels or run it natively under Apple’s Boot Camp.
For those who do not like spending hours a time in twiddling, upgrading, opening the innards of their computer, buy a Mac. If you’re the kind who doesn’t have a lot of ancient gadgets that still uses parallel and serial ports, buy a Mac. If you do not even know what a parallel or serial port is, buy a Mac. If you want to experience delight every single time you use a computer, buy a Mac.

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