Huh? iPhone? What’s that?


I haven’t blogged much about the iPhone. Actually, I haven’t blogged much of anything for the past few months. Students and the coffee shop have preoccupied both my mind and my time and I don’t see this changing anytime soon. But I do miss blogging and I’m going to try to make up for lost time today.

One of the things that I have missed blogging about is what is considered as the most anticipated consumer device ever: the iPhone. If you haven’t heard of the iPhone before, I think you better crawl out from under your rock. The iPhone is getting so much attention from the media that, quite frankly, it’s hard to ignore. It’s surprising to see how many are talking about this device that not even out in the market yet. That’s about to change since there is only 6 days to go before the launching of the iPhone, the device some say will change the world (of the cellphone).

Since I’m blogging today anyway I might as well sneak in a post that’s iPhone related. This will be short though.

The iPhone will run a version of the Mac OS X and with that in mind, developers were drooling at the prospect of being able to develop applications for the iPhone. Last WWDC 2007, Steve Jobs announced that developing for the iPhone is possible but not what the developers had in mind. With security and stability issues in mind, Apple decided that best apps for the iPhone are web apps. This sent a collective groan in the developers present, or so some say. Apple haters or some developers are calling Job’s announcement a stab in the back. Software developers say that web apps are not real apps at all. They are actually calling people who develops for the web as pussies.

While the whining continued, some were quick to realize the potential and jumped on ahead. The first web app released was David Cann’s iPhoneDigg, which allows iPhone users to browse Digg. Nothing spectacular mind you but it opened up the rich possibility of doing these web apps for the iPhone. A website was put up to act as a central repository for the latest iPhone web apps. The iPhone Application List keeps visitors up to date to the latest third-party applications for the iPhone. They have to date about 30 iPhone apps listed. So much for the whiners.


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