Exhibitionism 2.0.


Is privacy or the idea of it dead? It would seem so to some who are connected to the series of tubes we call the interweb. While some sectors are clamoring for more privacy when we are online, there are those who willingly would give up a little of their privacy for the community or simply to get more page hits.

While I tend to err in the side of caution, being careful sometimes to restrict what I share online, I have, to some degree, voluntarily given up some of my privacy to make my web experience richer. One of the services that I’ve been using is iGoogle homepage, which I’ve been using for two months now. One feature that I’ve been using is the Google History feature. Google History records all the searches I’ve made with Google search and produces reports such as the sites I’ve visit the most or the trends of my searches. This is not exactly a community thing since the data is only restricted for my eyes only. There are some sites or services that does make you contribute to the web community by making you give up a little of your privacy.

Mashable, a social networking news website, lists down twelve services that offers sharing of attention data. These services will allow you to share your taste in music or tell everyone what software you’ve been running. If you don’t mind sharing a bit of yourself to the interweb community, you might want to try these services out.


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