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Free ebooks.


Free. Free. Free. I like things that are free: Quicksilver, Adium, Firefox, podcasts, and a couple of more stuff. At Baen Free Library (there’s that word again: free), they offer free downloads of books in several formats like HTML, rich text format, Rocket EBook, etc. The free library was, as according to science fiction writer […]

The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) shows four tips on how to use your mouse with scroll wheel with your Mac. With the scroll wheel you can make your screen zoom in or out (control + scroll wheel) or scrolling horizontally on apps like Preview by holding down the shift key while scrolling the wheel up […]

Tonight there was a sudden downpour that lasted a little bit more than an hour. The deluge was enough to flood the streets of Davao though. When the rain stopped, the flood cleared up after a couple of minutes. Other parts of Davao wasn’t that quick to dry up though.

Egoogle trip


I know some of you have done this: googling for your name and see what comes up. I’ve googled “Jaime Haw” and came up on top of the list. “Jaime Haw” with the quotation marks gave me the top four slots. Googling for “jimhaw” however, resulted in the top ten finds. How’s that for an […]

I’ve been crowned as the Supreme Nerd God! And 98% sexy. Heh.