Copyright issues in the series of tubes and blogosphere.


I’m maintaining two blogs and contributing to one other. One of the blogs I’m doing is a blog for MTC Academy Davao. The contents that I am posting are mostly news about the information and technology industry, especially regarding the medical transcriptioning, here in Davao. I am subscribed to Sunstar Davao’s RSS feed for updates. If I find a report that I’d like to post I will get snippets of that report and then put a link back to the article. I also use Google to search for other news that Sunstar Davao might have missed. One of my latest post talks about an effort of one of the mall makers in the Philippines in putting up another IT park here in Davao. I searched for other sources about the topic and one of the top hits yielded a blog from Davao. I wanted to get another perspective on the matter and checked the site out. When I read the first paragraph it seemed so familiar. I then realized that the article was taken from Sunstar Davao. This was a case of cut and paste.

I don’t know how most people feel about this but this is copyright infringement. I always make it a point that whenever I discuss an article or report I read off the internet, I only get snippets and attribute the story directly to the source. It is perhaps most people here don’t know or care about intellectual property so it’s almost a none issue. For me, it matters.


2 Responses to “Copyright issues in the series of tubes and blogosphere.”

  1. 1 Carlos Conde

    hey jim,

    are you referring to this supposedly original sunstar story ( )? if you are — and i repeat, if you are — then you’ve just proven yourself to be one of the stupidest bloggers around. that story was a dispatch from the Philippine Information Agency, one in a batch of stories they send out every day to media outlets, for free use and distribution. my publication,, ran the story ( ), with full attribution to the PIA at the tagline. based on what appeared in, however, your favorite newspaper, davao, did not credit the PIA. so, if what appeared in was the same as the one that appreared in, was actually the one that “plagiarized” the story, not the “davao blog” (which i suspect is davaotoday because we are consistently in the top google searches and we ran the PIA story verbatim) that you said cribbed the story.

    (i have to point out, though, that even if did not credit the PIA, they cannot be accused of plagiarism because the PIA distributes its stories for free, much like press releases.)

    you know what, careless bloggers and idiots like yourself are the ones cluttering the internet with nonsense and, well, idiocy.


    carlos conde

  2. 2 Carlos Conde

    hey jim,
    i checked the story on the SM IT park that you referred to in sunstar davao and, what do you know, it was the same as the PIA story that we ran in and fully attributed., on the other hand, removed the credits to the PIA! que horror! masyado kang bilib sa dyaryo mo. you might want to check your facts first before you rant about anything.
    and, in the name of fairness, you should remove that post relating to this issue kay gapakaulaw lang ka.
    carlos conde

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