Argh! Money sink from AOC. LCDs cheap.


I shouldn’t have opened the newspaper this morning. I haven’t read any of the local dailies for almost 9 months now since I found what contained therein as depressing. The only section that I do infrequently check is the business section. I just like to be kept abreast with how the business sector is doing. This morning an ad fromAOC caught my eye. I didn’t notice it at first but the 19-inch LCD monitor sure drew my attention. But what woke me up from my foggy state was the price. An AOC 19-inch LCD monitor just cost 10,499 pesos. Yikes! How prices have gone down. A 17-inch cost 8,999 and a 22-inch just 16,499. It was just last year that a 17-inch cost 15,000. Very tempting. Very, very tempting. I have until June 30 of this year to this whether to get a 19-inch or not. This will burn a hole in my wallet big time.


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