Time wasters. Addicting Flash games


The Thinking Blog has listed of what it considers as 5 highly addictive games.

  • 3D Missile makes you control a missile as it flies along a tunnel. The view looks like you are sitting on top of the missile. Keeps me at the edge of my seat.
  • 3D Logic Cube link doesn’t work. Found an alternative link but I’m not sure this is the same one. You don’t need to click the squares one by one. Just click and drag. Makes playing easier.
  • In Disorientation, you have move around spiky obstacles while you walk towards the exit. Sounds easy? You have to do this as the room spins, the image distorts, blades fly across the room and your clones try to obliterate you out of existence.
  • You goal in Desktop Defense is to stop baddies from going from one side of the ‘room’ to the other. You have in your disposal an arsenal of weapons which you can put into the room to stop the baddies’ trek across.
  • Last but not the least, ZWOK is a Worms clone. In ZWOK, you only have balls as your weapon and you hurl the balls to the other end to try to hit your opponent. Not as fancy as Worms but a time waster nonetheless.

These are time wasters. Don’t try these at work. You’ve already been warned.


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