Mac Basics: LCD color calibration


I have a couple of friends who have come over to the Mac side and they are still a little green when it comes to the Mac OS. I’m going to be posting some basic tips and tricks for my Mac using friends.

A friend of mine who is into graphics and who just recently switched to the Mac asked me how come the screen colors are different as compared to her old PC desktop. I told her that she needs to calibrate her Macbook screen. I pointed her to System Preferences and then to the Displays preference pane. Under the Color tab I told her she can calibrate the screen by following the instructions. Last time I saw her Macbook she already calibrated the screen and she was contented.

Coincidentally, about a day after I last saw her I stumbled upon a link to About This Particular Mac which has a section about Photoshop called Photoshop for the Curious. Here I saw a nice article that disusses on how to calibrate the LCD monitor properly. I hope she’ll find this article useful. I think I’m going to use this to calibrate my iMac.

That’s it for now. I’ll be back soon.

Update: Stupid me. I forgot to put the link. Must’ve half-asleep. No coffee yet on my brain that morning.


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