Your taxes at work.


Seen those movies where the police arrives late into the action when everything is done and over with. Ever wondered why they are always late? If this is happening in Davao, I think I may have the answer.

Davao’s PNP seems to really like going to this one hotel along Duterte street since almost every week they are parked there. Maybe their breakfast is really good, fit for our men in uniform? The most likely scenario here is that some politician needed to floss his teeth and this hotel is the most convenient place to do it. Or perhaps he needed to go to the john and the nearby hospital is the best place to do it.

Politicians do not need personal bodyguards, they have the entire PNP for that. Aren’t we glad that our taxes are put into good use, serving the interest of one individual? Scary to think that the people who are supposed to enforce the law are the one’s breaks them.


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