The iPhone: my take


I’m a geek. More so a tech geek. I scour the web-o-sphere for the latest in personal tech, concentrating on Apple and it’s products: the Mac and the iPod. Now, a new addition to the line has been introduced: the Apple iPhone. I have made a long rant about my impressions and ideas about the iPhone. A snippet is posted here. More rant at my Blogger account.”Here I will point out what makes the iPhone stand out from smartphones.MacOS X: The iPhone has the ‘core functionalities’ of Mac OS X. Noticethat Jobs didn’t say it IS Mac OS X. The Mac OS would be too big andcomplicated for phone. So Mac OS for the iPhone is like Windows MobileOS. From what I’ve heard, the interface is somewhat Mac-like and is’very cool’. What differs it from other phones that might be comparedto it is that the iPhone is said not to support third-partyapplications. So unlike the Palm OS or Windows Mobile based phones, youcannot upload software from third-party developers. I think Apple madethis decision so that people won’t be putting in badly made iPhoneapplications that would most likely screw up the iPhone. But this doespresent an opportunity to license a “Made for iPhone” license todevelopers of which Apple will pre-approve sets of software to be usedin the iPhone and then sell them in the iTunes Store.High-resolution3.5-inch screen: This is the wide-screen iPod waith the touch-screendisplay that everyone has been clamoring for. Bigger and high-res. Whatmore can you ask for? But wait, there’s more. The iPhone can be viewedin the landscape mode so that you can view movies, TV shows, and videopodcasts in a bigger screen. It has a built-in accelerometer that willsense when the iPhone is oriented in the portrait or landscape mode.Multi-touchinput: If you are an Apple news junkie like myself, you should know bynow that Apple was given the patent for the the multi-touch input foran electronic device back in early 2006. Jobs calls this the next stepin the revolution of input devices following the mouse and theclick-wheel. I haven’t seen the demo but from what I’ve heard it’spretty impressive. “It’s simply intuitive,” someone said. Using theiPhoto app in the iPhone, you can zoom in an image by spreading yourfingers apart while on the screen or shrink the photo by doing apinching gesture. Coverflow from iTunes 7 is also brought into theiPhone, this time instead of using your mouse or scrollwheel tonavigate through the album art, you just slide your finger across thescreen.The multi-touch input screen can also be used to entertext. Jobs noted that almost all of the smartphones in the market relyon either a keyboard or a stylus to input data into the device. Thekeyboard, he says is stuck there and the stylus? Who wants to use astylus? Yuck! With the multi-touch input screen Apple has designed aphone that gives users a much bigger screen real estate and a new wayof interacting with a device.But in a SMS-centric society likethe Philippines, the virtual keyboard is not so great. How many of thepeople here rely on the fact that they can compose and send an SMS withjust using one hand and not even looking at the screen? The tactilefeel of the keyboard is enough so that people can exercise theirrudeness by typing an SMS under the table while acting as if he or sheis listening to you or play russian roulette on the road by “text-ing”while driving. Can you do this with the iPhone? Probably not.Much much more in my Blogger account. Check it out.


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