Thanks to everyone!


A very big “Thank you!” to everyone who greeted me today.

Thanks for my family for the early greetings! It meant a lot.

Thanks to the folks at MTC: Ma’am Wit, Michelle, Hunee, Daisy, Jonathan, Dax, and Chattee, as well as to all the students. The pizza and ice cream were great, guys! Thank you, Doc Gamad for the book.

Thanks to all of my friends.

Thanks to Kathy for greeting me at 11:49PM yesterday; and to Rene who greeted me last Sunday. To Juan, too, who thought I was supposed to turn a year older on Tuesday.

Thanks to Rose for such generous gifts, and for propping me up in my times of despair and isolation. Thanks to Sheila, too.

Thanks to my Friendster friends, Patrick and Jovy. I wish them all the best. Also to Teri, who I think I forgot to great yesterday.

Thanks to my Radiology senior, Karen, who taught me a lot during my stay at DDH.

To Dr. John Jay and Marion, and to everyone else I forgot to mention. You know that my memory’s shot, but I sincerely do thank all of you.

Thanks to everyone. You are allof one of the things that I am very thankful for today.


One Response to “Thanks to everyone!”

  1. 1 jonjoaquin

    hey, was it your birthday? i didn’t know. funny that you have the same birthday as my best friend in manila who’s also a doctor and who looks kinda like you.

    happy birthday (if a birthday indeed it was)!

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