Cordon Bleu


I promised myself that I’d go back to Edelweiss to try out more of their food. I went back there on another Saturday albeit alone. Long story.

I got there quite early. The sun has perhaps just set but the road was pretty dim already. The lights outside the restaurant were already on. I came in and there were three foreign gentlemen seated on stools at the bar counter. I seated myself on a table good for four. A table for two would have been more suitable since I was alone but I reasoned that sitting alone in a table for two is more pathetic than sitting in a table good for four. Besides, I wanted to people watch but the only people there were the three previously mentioned gentlemen, and the cashier/bar keep and the food server. I really have much of a choice.

So I sat down and browsed through the menu. I was in the mood for chicken that night. I was thinking of beef but steak was out of the question. I then spied Cordon Bleu. This is interesting. I ordered that and a bottle of Paulaner.

Nothing really happened after the food server got my order. She gave me my beer after a bit. I looked at the three guys sitting on their stools and promptly got bored. Good thing I had with me my iPod. I listened to the Gillmor Gang as I waited for my cordon bleu to arrive.

It was perhaps a little after ten to fifteen minutes later when my order was brought to me. The cordon bleu that was served was what I had in mind. I’m used to thinking that cordon bleu is supposed to be covered in bread crumbs. This one wasn’t. I was curious how the coating was rolled.

The cordon bleu was of considerable size. About 2 1/2 inches in diameter and about 8 inches long. It was deep fried and smelled real good. My side dish were fried sliced potatoes, that had the right thickness to make them good eats. Thin, crispy potatoes probably won’t go well with this dish. I admired the golden, crisp roll in front of me for a few moments and then I decided that it was time to eat.

I picked up my knife and fork and I dug in. As I sliced into the cordon bleu, white steam arose and I gently picked the wonderful aroma emanating from the inside. In between the roll was cheese and ham. Oh, joy! I picked up the first slice and slowly put in in my mouth. I closed my eyes as I bit into the piece of rolled chicken. I had a surprise. I stared back at the cordon bleu on my plate. Covering it was a thin layer of chicken skin in what I surmised was coated with flour. The skin very much was like the skin that Molave fried chicken has. By the way, if anyone is craving for the greaseless chicken, I’ll tell you where to get it. More on that later.

The skin was lightly seasoned and didn’t conflict with what was inside. The meat was tender and juicy. I chewed it slowly because I simply loved savoring all the flavors that were coming out of the meat and skin. After a few chewing. I decided it was time to take the piece with the ham and cheese. I really couldn’t tell what kind of cheese it was but it along with the ham simply melded together with the skin and the chicken. Such joy to munch on such a delicious morsel.

I then realized I was missing something: the potatoes. Again, I mention, the potatoes were neither crispy nor soggy. They were just right. I picked up one (or perhaps it was two) after I had another slice of the cordon bleu. The potato had the right consistency and flavor to complement my cordon bleu. It was sheer bliss. I did add salt since I’ve gotten used to fried potatoes with salt. I only added half a pinch though. The potatoes were already good as they already were. I went on slowly with my dinner. It was fantastic. It was fabulous.

I ended the meal feeling sated. My cordon bleu was simply heavenly. Probably better if I had red wine with it.

For those who are going to Edelweiss for the first time, I’d recommend that you try out the Cordon Bleu first. It’s just wonderful!

That’s it for now. I’m going back again soon.

Ciao and chow!


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