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I just received word from Jon that he’s in the process of converting at least three individuals to the Mac side. His advancement from heathenship to Mac converter is meteoric. I wish him success in the turning others into the Mac fold. Advertisements

Cordon Bleu


I promised myself that I’d go back to Edelweiss to try out more of their food. I went back there on another Saturday albeit alone. Long story. I got there quite early. The sun has perhaps just set but the road was pretty dim already. The lights outside the restaurant were already on. I came […]



While heading to Lantaw Bukid for the company’s team building excursion, I noticed a restaurant along Bangkal named Edelweiss. I asked my co-workers if they know anything about the place and one quipped that the place serves Canadian-French cuisine and they had good food. The restaurant piqued my interest and I promised myself that I’d […]