Long abscence.


It’s almost been a month since I last posted a blog. Been busy with teaching Microbiology. I was also experiencing fatigue but hopefully that’s all been fixed. I do feel much better and more energetic.

For the past few weeks, there had been several newsworthy Apple events. Some of which were:

  • Macbooks have finally arrived.
  • Macbook Pros got speed upgrades.
  • Apple and Nike team up to bring Nike+iPod kit.
  • Apple’s Fifth Avenue Store opened.
  • Aperture, Logic Pro, Front Row, Quicktime, Security 2006-003, iLife 06, Logic Express, iWeb, and Superdrive updates were released.
  • “Get a Mac” TV ads were released.
  • New iPod + iTunes ad debut.
  • Apple won against Apple Corp.
  • Apple lost against bloggers.
  • Apple is sued by Creative.
  • Apple sues Creative.
  • More rumors about Jaguar.
  • Apple has new Pro and Mac@Work sites.
  • Apple is the third fastest growing tech company according to Business 2.0.
  • More new shows in iTMS.
  • So far, that’s news for the month of May. I am not expecting any major announcements until WWDC 2006 on August. Unless of course they decide to upgrade the processors of the iMacs next week. If that happens, I will really, really be upset.

    That’s about it for now. I’ll cover much more personal events in the next post.


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