Got burnt!


A became a switcher in 2004. My first Mac was a 12″ iBook demo unit. I sold that and got a second-hand or used 12″ Powerbook. I was very happy with the Powerbook and my only complaint was that the wire from the power adapter to the Powerbook can become very hot especially when I’m charging the PB. I would do sort of things to keep the wire cool. I would unplug and plug the adapter from the wall socket and from PB. Uncoil it to dissipate the heat and have the airconditioner vent blast directly at it. It wasn’t much of a problem really since I didn’t need to charge the PB often because it’s always plugged in.

On April, I started teaching Microbiology to nursing students in the Davao Medical School Foundation and I used my Powerbook for lectures. There was therefore an increase in the need to recharge my Powerbook. I guess this what did the power adpater in. Almost a week ago, while checking my email I smelled something burning. I then heard a snap. It suddenly realized what was going on. I quickly took a look at my power adpater and was shocked to see a piece of wiring about an inch from the adapter have melted exposing the wire underneath. I unplugged the adapter and shut off my computer. I inspected the damage and decided to cover the exposed wire with electrical tape. I plugged it right back in and crossed my fingers. Things seemed to work. Feelling the wire to see it whether it was becoming hot, I received a shock from a piece of exposed wire that was really small that I failed to notice it. I covered it up with tape, sat back and observed. No other problems were apparent. I had to buy a power adpater soon. Unfortunately, soon was not soon enough.

A few days later, after doing some spring cleaning and rearranging, I proceeded to check my email. I noticed that the indicator ring was not on. I wiggled the cord and still there was no light. I touched the power adapter and it was hot! There was also a burnt, acrid smell and a clicking noise from the adapter. I unplugged the cord from the computer and from the wall socket, waited for a few minutes and tried again. No go. The power adpater was dead. Kaput. My Powerbook was now running on battery.

I need to get a new power adapter. Someone told me that since I have Applecare, my power adapter might still be covered and I might get a replacement. All I have to do now is to figure out a way on how I can get that replacement from Apple.


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