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Or so says the PISOlutions technician. After several days of slow and oftentimes interrupted connections and downloads, I calmed myself down and called tech support. I said our connection comes and goes and he said he’ll look into it. He did some diagnostics and said that our line was getting triple to quadruple ping digits. […]

Gasp! Dial-up!


That’s right! After many months of using DSL and Wi-Fi, I’m back to using dial-up, and I owe it all to our very wonderful ISP, PISOlutions. I just found out that dial-up is sometimes as fast, or even faster, than PISOlutions. Feck! I can’t believe I’m using dial-up again. Feck you, PISOlutions! Why don’t you […]

G-Buy is supposed to be the Paypal killer from Google. Unfortunately, the name won’t go down very well with the Chinese especially those who speak Fookien or Hookien. You see, G-Buy sounds like “cheebye” which means “vagina” in Chinese Fookien. “I heard you had a hard time selling your items. Next time use G-Buy.”“You can […]

PISOlutions is unreliable. Their signal drops every 45 to 60 minutes. The loss of signal will last anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes. Even during the times that there is a signal, speed is erratic. There is no constant stream of data. I am having difficulty downloading podcasts or files that are more than 25MB. […]

Managing iTunes


Playlist has articles on how to back up and manage your iTunes library. I wish I read these articles before transferring my iTunes library from my Powerbook to my iMac. I lost all the ratings and playcounts. The articles are a must read.

Our first broadband service was MyDSL’s Plan 1995 which we paid two-thousand plus pesos every month. The initial few months of service was bad and I gave them hell because of that. Eventually, the service improved and things went well albeit some intermittent hiccups. After more than a year of subscription however, my brother decided […]

Very cool QTVR panorama of the opening of the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in New York. Link to