Coffee, anyone?


What are the elements of a good cafe? Niall Kennedy shares his ideas on what should go into a good cafe.
1. Coffee, tea, non-caffeinated drinks, snacks, and desserts.
2. Wi-Fi, digital bulletin boards, and power connections.
3. Privileges for members. Private rooms, business services, event rooms, specials, and enhanced computing environment.
4. Available commercial products.

Cafe’s do have the problem of customers buying one cup of coffee and sit down for hours, nursing that cup of coffee. I know this problem quite well since I am guilty of committing this crime. Coffee to the People blogs about this problem and asks for possible solutions to this problem. Though some people have the tendency to linger for hours in a coffee shop, it is by no means anywhere near what a Viennese cafe is all about.

I’ve come across several blogs that are calling cafes as “the new garages” or “the new office spaces.” The bloggers basically considers cafes as a place where those working for start-up companies can go to work, meet, and share ideas. With food, furniture, and wireless access, start-ups do not need to rent a space, buy furnitures, or subscribe to a broadband service. Blogs like GigaOM and Wanderluck (same blog written at VentureFiles but with different comments) affirm the roles cafes have in the life of a start-up. Some companies like theOffice have already created a business model that revolves around the wandering beduoin, offering workspace and services for mobile professionals and creatives. The idea has gone as far as to be called “Innovation Commons, where members can go in a work 24/7 and have office spaces and resources available to them. Innovation Commons is thought of as a network, a self-sustaining community. A blogger has called on his fellow bedouin to organize in San Francisco.

There are a lot of good ideas of services that a cafe can offer. One of them is ‘the breakfast club’, where for $40 you can have free breakfast for a month. This is offered by Soy Luck Club as mentioned in Seth’s Blog.

Manila Times last year wrote about the 3rd Coffee, Tea and Specialty Beverage Trade Show held last year in SM Megamall. The piece talked about how the local cafes and coffee distributors are putting an emphasis on supporting home-grown coffee beans.

What would a blog about coffee and cafe be if it does not mention the king of capitalistic cafes, Starbucks?

Godshot’s a blog my brother says is about “hard-core coffee.”


One Response to “Coffee, anyone?”

  1. 1 Steve Fisher

    Thanks for mentioning VentureFiles. I am back blogging up a storm and I plan on covering the trend of “Going Bedouin”. This new trend has a name and it is called “coworking”. I believe this going to drive new types of retail/business workspaces to be built. Starbucks is bursting at the seams and people are looking for something new.

    Steve Fisher
    Editor, VentureFiles

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