Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert on iTMS


Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report are now available in the iTunes Music Store for download. Each episode cost $1.99, however, Apple has introduced a new service called Multi-Pass. Multi-Pass cost $9.99 and when purchased, this will download the most recent episode and the next 15 episodes as soon as they become available.

After Macworld San Francisco last January, I predicted that Apple will be releasing something new every two to three weeks until April 1, Apple’s 30th anniversary. But it seems I am wrong. Apple looks like they are introducing new products and services weekly now. I can’t wait for what’s coming next week.

Update: Apple has introduced “Season Pass,” a system that lets you buy one whole season of a TV show, and like the “Multi-Pass” system, all the downloaded shows are yours to keep. I really can’t wait what Apple has up its sleeve for next week.

The Motley Fool thinks TiVo should start to worry about Apple’s new services.


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