The coffee here sucks!


My brother makes a great cup of espresso. He bought an espresso machine last year and gets his beans from Manila. The first time I tried out his espresso it was really, really good. It didn’t have the bitter, burnt aftertaste that most espresso have here in Davao but instead it was sweet. It was like drinking a liquid 80% dark chocolate. Which brings me to my rant.

Where can I get a great cup of espresso or cafe americano here in Davao?

The barristas here doesn’t know jack about making coffee. The coffee are either burnt or just taste awful. There’s even one cafe where their coffee have put on a decidedly ammoniacal smell. The cafe where I am a frequent customer used to make a decent cafe americano. Decent, not great. “Used to” as in “not anymore.” The coffee they served me this morning was just damned awful. It smelled bad and it tasted horrible. It’s like an old, used grind was used to make my coffee. I would probably have tolerated burnt better. To make another comparison, it’s like they boiled some water, dumped an old leather, and served me what came out of the steep.

Is there any hotspot here that serves great coffee?

I am tempted to tell my brother to open up his own cafe. He definitely makes real good coffee. I think I’m going to crash his place and make me a cup or two.


One Response to “The coffee here sucks!”

  1. 1 jonjoaquin

    here, in proper order, is my list of the best places for coffee here in davao:
    1) picobello/prego at the fifth floor of gaisano south mall (both are owned by romano and rochelle venuti. romano is swiss-italian and he knows how to make great coffee and has trained his people how to do it).
    2) swiss gourmet in front of damosa (also owned by the venutis)
    3) my house (i also have an espresso/cappuccino maker)
    4) basti’s brew at victoria plaza. i don’t know if this is the place where you had your coffee this morning, but my experience has been good and consistent.

    all the others have spotty records. sometimes good, sometimes bad.

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