iMac reviews, 10 things for a switcher, and FUD for thought


Walt Mossberg calls the latest iMacs as “a new gold standard for PCs.” It has become quite obvious that the iMac G5 has now stopped being just a PC. PCs are so ubiqitous these days that the iMac certainly stands out as a multimedia center with a PC. Not the other way around.

Macsimum News gives the 17″ iMac G5 good marks in its review. The same complaint is echoed in this article: the lack of a TV tuner and a modem. Another complaint is the the inaccesibility of the the iMac’s innards. Only the memory slot can be accessed easily.

Even CNN has gotten into reviewing the iMac, and as usual the review goes into Front Row and how much different it is to Windows’ Media Center. There’s the same complaint made by Macsimum News, namely the lack of a TV tuner and its lack of expansibility.

But for every good review, there’s a bad, messy, poorly done one. Matthew Fordahl reviews the iMac G5 for TMCnet and makes the mistake of telling people that there’s no way can the iMac output video.

For those who are now thinking of switching to Macs, Paul Stamatiou has written the “10 Things A New Mac Owner Should Know.” This is great for curious Windows onlookers, switchers-to-be, and just-switched.

But switcher-wannabes be warned. It’s not all perfect in a Mac world. Take for instance an online banking customer’s experience with Bank One and JP Morgan Chase. They don’t like Apple and its Safari browser.

FUD all around
An Apple Matters article talks about the recent report from the SANS Institute which becomes FUD fodder for Windows users courtesy of Robert Lemos. Apple Matters cites Robert Lemos for being misinformed and downright messy.


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