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PingMag posted a cute but every informative photo story on the Website Development Process. The photo story cum how-to for dummies shows little plastic figures in a show and tell on how a website is developed. It identifies a girl as the “designer,” an eye-patch wearing, gaunt faced character in a business suit as the […]

Macworld 2006 will be held on January 9 to 13 at Moscone Center in San Francisco, California. I’ll be posting news and related internet items here. Starting with… Nitrozac and Snazzy’s Joy of Tech. I honestly can say that I can relate with it. I’m anticipating it more than Santa and his bag of goodies. […]

Walt Mossberg calls the latest iMacs as “a new gold standard for PCs.” It has become quite obvious that the iMac G5 has now stopped being just a PC. PCs are so ubiqitous these days that the iMac certainly stands out as a multimedia center with a PC. Not the other way around. Macsimum News […]